Sponsored events and other types of fundraising

We are really grateful to those who wish to raise funds for Kisiizi Partners. If you are planning to run, cycle, swim, bog snorkel, do a bake sale, or take on any other challenge on our behalf, we can set you up a personal fundraising page using our online giving platform Kindlink – just email richard@kisiizipartners.org.uk 

You may wish to fundraise on Facebook – just create a fundraiser and you can select Kisiizi Partners as your charity.

We are also in the process of setting up on Justgiving if you would like to use this for your fundraiser.

Kisiizi Partners 2020 Challenge

Covid19 has been an unexpected challenge for all of us. We are all aware of the restrictions and their impact on UK life. However, things in East Africa are even more complicated. Although the burden of disease caused by Covid19 may still be low, it is difficult to know this for sure – we have seen in the UK how challenging testing and reporting has proved. The lockdown restrictions are making travel very difficult and causing food security problems which have the biggest impact on the poor. You also may have seen on the news that a locust plague is working its way across East Africa which adds to the problems with food security for nations where there are many people who subsist off the land – again disproportionately affecting the poor.

Kisiizi Hospital has its own set of challenges as a result of the Covid19 lockdown. Essential medicine supplies have become difficult to obtain and more expensive. Visitors and elective students have had to curtail or cancel trips, which not only means a loss of their company and expertise for staff but also a drop in hospital income which is primarily used to subside care for the poorest patients. Transport challenges due to the lockdown will mean that some people who should be accessing care are unable to, and that others are presenting even later and more unwell than usual. Food scarcity is a problem and even without Covid19, malnutrition is a commonly seen in children locally.

We want to support those most at risk from the current crises by supporting the hospital to care for its poorest patients. The Good Samaritan Fund usually comes from the income generated by visitors, and subsidises bills for the destitute. We want to enable to hospital to subsidise as many bills as possible at the current time, as well as supporting the poorest through other avenues like community outreach, the malnutrition project, and ensuring the hospital has enough funds to cope with rising costs and still provide high quality day to day care.

We are encouraging people to take on the Kisiizi Partners 2020 Challenge by using their daily exercise to reach a sponsored target. Why not pick one of the suggested Ugandan themed challenges and complete it over a time period that works for you and your family!

Animal challenges:

Can you walk as far as these animal families walk?

Gorilla families – 12 miles/week

Chimpanzee families – 42 miles/week

Elephant families – 100 miles/week

Mountain challenges:

Can you climb the equivalent of one of these Ugandan giants using your local hill?

Mount Moroto – 3083 metres

Mount Elgon – 4321 metres

Mount Stanley – 5109 metres

For example, if your local hill is 282m, you would need to climb it 18 times to equal Mount Stanley!

Distance challenges

Can you walk the equivalent of one of these journeys?

The distance a pregnant woman might travel to Kisiizi – 40 miles

Around Lake Bunyonyi – 116 miles

Kisiizi to Kampala – 236 miles

How to organise/set up sponsorship

To use Kindlink – email us as above and we will set you up a personalised fundraising page

To use Facebook Donate – just go to “create” on the top right of your Facebook homepage and select fundraiser – then search for Kisiizi Partners as your charity     

To use Just Giving – https://www.justgiving.com/start-fundraising – sign up and then search for Kisiizi Partners as your charity (we hope this will be available soon)

If you have any queries please email: richard@kisiizipartners.org.uk

We would love to see pictures of you doing your challenges! Tag us #KP2020challenge on our social media pages below:

Downloadable posters for your challenges available below (example above):