Kisiizi Partners is a charity (registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales) working to support Christian hospitals in developing countries.

Our remit is to support these hospitals, primarily by helping to meet running costs. Many larger charities and grant making bodies prefer to fund capital costs or other special projects, often stipulating that the money must not be used to meet day-to-day expenditure.

Kisiizi Partners supports hospitals with a proven track record for providing high quality healthcare in situations where there is a demonstrable funding gap between income and expenditure and a manifest desire to deliver that care to some of the World’s poorest communities at a cost that they can afford.

The Kisiizi Partners Story

Kisiizi Partners logoKisiizi Partners came into being as “Sponsor a Nurse” in 2000 in response to a request from Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda for assistance in meeting its running costs. Their patients are amongst the poorest in the world, often living close to the edge, as subsistence farmers. When the rains come and everyone is healthy, they can just about manage to feed their families and keep their heads above water but when someone falls sick, everything rapidly falls apart.

Going to hospital is a family affair and a sick child is accompanied by parents and siblings. Whilst the family are at the hospital there is no-one to tend the livestock and plant or harvest the crops. Subsistence farmers have little in the way of ready cash and an extended stay in hospital all too often results in the sale of livestock or land to meet the cost of treatment, leaving the family even worse off.

For this reason it is vital to keep the cost of treatment to a minimum but, at the same time, the hospital must pay the wages of the staff and buy drugs and disposables. Equipment must be maintained and from time to time replaced and updated.

The Christian health sector plays a vital role in delivering healthcare in many developing countries. Although some governments do make a contribution to running costs, in recognition of the burden of healthcare provided by these institutions, there is always a funding gap between government grants and user fees on the one hand and running costs on the other. Kisiizi Partners aims to stand in this gap and help make up the difference between income and running costs.

Christian Hospitals are frequently situated in remote rural areas and the recruitment and retention of a skilled and motivated workforce is a constant challenge. Often wages in government hospitals are paid at a higher rate, whilst in the cities and larger towns staff may also have the opportunity to moonlight in private clinics to supplement their wages.

Many large charities and grant making bodies have a philosophy which dictates that institutions or projects must be self-sustaining. Kisiizi Partners takes the view that in order for a community to become self-sustaining, first of all, it must be healthy. All communities need and deserve low cost health care, both preventative and curative, in order to survive. Healthy people can feed and care for their families, whereas those who are sick cannot. Kisiizi Partners has chosen, therefore, to support hospitals, such as Kisiizi, with a proven track record of providing high quality health care, with compassion and integrity, to poor people at a cost they can afford.