Lent challenge: 20 people giving 20 a day for 20 in 2020

Would you be willing to donate 20 pence (or even £20) a day over the 2×20 days of Lent for our 20 in 2020 appeal? Would you be willing to find 20 others to do the same thing?

Kisiizi Partners was registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales in January 2000. Later this year, to celebrate this anniversary, we will be launching our 20 in 2020 appeal. We are raising funds for our most ambitious project to date, a new Women’s Centre at Kisiizi Hospital. (More about this later. An architectural consultant has been engaged and the appeal will be launched when the concept drawings are agreed with Kisiizi.)

While we are waiting for the formal launch we are encouraging as many people as possible to mark the run up to Easter with a financial donation towards this project.

Fundraising ideas:

  • 20p a day
  • Put all you loose change in a jar at the end of each day
  • Give up something for Lent and send us the money you save

Donations can be made through the usual channels or online through Kindlink.