After the flood

The flood in September 2017 caused a lot of damage to Kisiizi Hospital. Some of the work that was carried out in the immediate aftermath of the flood has presented further problems. In the video below Civil Engineer, Owen Jones, assesses the damage and talks about the work that still needs to be done to repair this and prevent future flooding.

After the Flood: the physical issues facing Kisiizi Hospital as it recovers from the deluge from Alan Smith on Vimeo.

Since this film was shot:

  • a permanent water supply has been laid and is now operating, although work to make the installation robust is ongoing,
  • treating wastewater remains a concern,
  • the access to the generator house requires funding before it can progress, and
  • work on reinforcing the river bank has been delayed until July when, it is hoped, the river will be consistently at a lower level – funds will be required for this, also, before it can proceed.