A cost conundrum

livingstoneLivingstone is 36 years-old. He sustained an open fracture of his tibia and fibula in a boda (motorbike taxi) accident. Fearing the cost of hospital treatment, he went to a traditional healer who covered his wound in a potion and, as a result, Livingstone developed a severe infection. He will have to spend much more time in hospital now as a consequence of this because infection is difficult to treat and delays bone healing.

Kisiizi has a community health insurance scheme which costs a couple of pounds per member per year. Had Livingstone been a scheme member, his treatment would have cost him very little. Unfortunately he, like many poor people in the community, cannot afford even the small cost of membership. As a result he is now faced with a hospital bill that will force him to sell any land or livestock that he owns or to go to a loan shark.