An unusual motorbike injury

vignette 2 girlThis beautiful little girl was tragically brought to Kisiizi having been with her mum on the back of a motorcycle when their clothing became caught up in the rear wheel and pulled the child’s leg down causing very serious injury. She sustained a fracture of her femur near the right hip joint and very severe damage to her lower leg with loss of the blood supply. She underwent resuscitation and then had an amputation of the right lower leg at the knee joint.

Subsequently she has amazed everyone with her cheerfulness! She is full of smiles and seems to have tolerated it all remarkably well. Clearly it has been a terrible shock to the family but they seem to be coping very well and doctors are hopeful that as she attends Kisiizi’s rehabilitation department for follow up she will learn to mobilise well.

At this stage they are not sure what prosthetic limbs will be available. The regional centre in Mbarara, 80 miles away, has had a service in the past but Kisiizi do not know if it is working well at present. Sometimes the costs of accessing those services can be a big problem for the families but staff will do what they can to help this youngster develop to the maximum of her potential.