A brave widow

I went out on another antenatal outreach clinic yesterday. I was interviewing a lovely pregnant woman called Anna who is expecting her 7th child. I asked her who she lived with and she said her husband “but he is gone”. At first I thought he had gone to find work somewhere but she actually meant he had died. It turned out he had died of cancer in the hospital two months earlier. Anna had been left with 6 children and a huge hospital bill to pay which meant that she had been obliged to sell off some of her land. The amount of land she is left with is not enough to feed her children and make a living and she is due to give birth very soon. He second youngest child, aged 6, is lame. After the interview I switched off the tape recorder. She got up to go but I asked her to sit down again and told her about Kisiizi Partners’ orphan sponsorship scheme and said I would see what I could do about finding a sponsor for one or two of her children. Would anyone like to help Anna and her family? I can’t think of anyone more deserving. She is finding life so hard as she grieves for her husband but has to somehow keep going to feed her children and she has the further expense of this new birth to cope with on top of everything. It would cost £20 per month to support one of Anna’s children through Kisiizi Partners. Let me know if you would like to help.