Ribbons, a tree and a huge cake: the official opening ceremony of the Mothers’ Waiting Home

MWH3After a frantic morning rushing round, touching up the paint on bed frames, realising the door had a gap under it big enough to let in a Cobra and trying to rectify this, pondering the very strange and quirky wiring of the building, discovering that the mosquito nets don’t fit the beds and much more, we gathered for the official opening ceremony. There were speeches, prayers, cutting of a ribbon (by one of the pregnant ladies from the maternity ward) the planting of a tree in the garden, and most of all the collective eating of a huge cake and the consumption of an enormous quantity of fizzy drink and the mothers’ waiting home was open , almost. Today I am off to Kabale to find mosquito nets that will fit the beds, and enough curtain hooks to hang all the curtains, and then the mother’s can move in. A group of antenatal mums came down to look from the maternity ward and declared it was much nicer than the ward and they wanted to move immediately! Pictures will be posted once Alan gets home tomorrow, I doubt the internet here will let me.