Boozy the goat

boozy 2Today was marked by a very auspicious event, we became the owners of a goat! Culturally this is one of the highest honours that can be bestowed upon a person, so it was very special indeed.

Boozy was given to us by the mother of a child who we met two years ago in very sad circumstances, after the little girl had been raped by a man and badly injured. We were able to help out with the hospital fees and took the girl into our child sponsorship scheme. She needed to change school and have a fresh start after the rape and she is now enjoying life at Kisiizi Primary School.

She arrived at lunchtime to see us together with her mum, little brother and Boozy the goat. The Rukiga word for goat is Mbuzi, hence our corruption “Boozy” Anyway after all proper greetings were attended to and thanks all round, off they went leaving a distraught goat bleeting for all she was worth, tied upon a patch of grass beside our house. I know goats can be loud but Boozy can emit a prodigious quantity of decibels, certainly well above the threshold to attract the attention of the local environmental health officer, if there was such a person here! As we had not anticipated this development and do not think Qatar airways are likely to be amenable to Boozy accompanying us on the flight home we have asked Clemency to be Boozy’s foster mum, and said goat has gone home with Clemency, doubtless bleeting all the way! Clemency already has a goat so they will be company for each other ad her children will be delighted.