Friends of Kisiizi Day 2022

You are warmly invited to join FRIENDS OF KISIIZI DAY on 29th October 2022 from 10.30am – 4.30pm Brookside Church, Earley, Reading, RG6 7HG Ian and Hanna Spillman have now returned to the UK from their roles in Kisiizi and are organising this years ‘Friends day’ as coordinators of Friends of Kisiizi. After 2 years of…

Friends of Kisiizi Day 2021

We will be meeting online this year on zoom. An opportunity to hear from management and staff in Kisiizi as well as other organisations involved in supporting the work of Kisiizi. Register at:…/tJMkceCrqjsvGtNDU743ENOZIx8CjR_njVeB Email for more information

£20,000 in the last 20 days of 2020

For our Christmas appeal we aim to raise £20,000 in the last 20 days of 2020 – and we need your help! See the poster for info Please help us to reach our target by sharing this with all your friends Donate below or at

Friends of Kisiizi Day 2020

5th December 2020 9.30am – 12.30pm The annual Friends of Kisiizi day will this year be online, but we hope this will allow more people to join us. It will be an opportunity for friends and supporters of Kisiizi Hospital to be updated about Kisiizi, hear from charities and projects, and share thoughts and ideas…

Kisiizi Partners 2020 Challenge

There is a lot of uncertainty at the moment over lockdown and restrictions due to Covid19 for everyone. Daily exercise has become a feature for many of us in this strange new world. Why not put yours to good use with the Kisiizi Partners 2020 Challenge and raise money to support the poorest in Uganda…