Surviving on a shoestring


GuderiaGuderia was deserted by her husband last year. Left to fend for her five children without even a house to live in, she was given a tiny patch of land. The plot is too small to grow enough food to sustain the family but she was able to build a little mud hut to shelter in. The banana-leaf roof leaks when it rains.

Guderia sustains her children by digging in the fields of her neighbours. A day’s work will be rewarded with some matoke (a savoury banana) or perhaps 6000 Ugandan shillings in cash (approximately £1.50 or $2 US).

Her neighbours will help her to build a better house if we can supply them with the raw materials. £300 is all it will take to provide the family with waterproof home with a tin roof. Another £40 buys a female goat that can be used for breeding to provide an income for the family.

Guderia's home