Mothers’ Waiting Home update

Kisiizi mothers’ waiting home, funded by donations to Kisiizi Partners, is well on the way to completion. When open it will house up to 24 high-risk mothers towards the end of pregnancy, enabling then to wait for labour in safety on the hospital site.

Mothers’ waiting homes have a successful track record of improving both maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity in remote rural areas, where transport to a health facility in labour can be a problem and delays can cost lives of both mothers and babies.

ruptured uterusBirth is not always a straightforward process and some women have added risks. For example, women who required a caesarean section during a previous birth need to be carefully monitored during their next labour because of the risk of uterine scar rupture. Although this risk is small, a uterine rupture can have catastrophic consequences for both baby and mother. If this occurs when the mother is still at home there is little chance of saving the baby and the mother herself is in danger. Such mothers need to avoid the difficulties of transportation when in labour. This mother required a hysterectomy to save her life following a uterine rupture at home several years ago. Had she been able to wait on the hospital site it is likely that she would have delivered safely and without complications.

Mothers’ Waiting Hostel from Alan Smith on Vimeo.